Research at the Harvard-MIT Center for Regulatory Science

The Center supports a wide range of research activities focused on strategic approaches to advancing the process of developing and evaluating drugs and other medical products. Our faculty and fellows engage in cross-disciplinary collaborations with scientists in regulatory agencies, pharmaceutical companies, and other academic institutions to produce cutting-edge research across a number of scientific disciplines, including:


Featured Research Projects

Novel Digital Medical Devices
The Harvard-MIT Center for Regulatory Science and Cergas-SDA Bocconi collaborated on a three-part transatlantic workshop, “Raising the bar: supporting high-quality evidence generation for improving access to digital medical devices”
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Postmarket Medical Device Safety Surveillance
This series of projects aims to employ automated tools and methodologies to facilitate detection and evaluation of safety events associated with medical devices using real-world data sources.
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Pediatric Medical Device Development
The System of Hospitals for Innovation in Pediatrics – Medical Devices (SHIP-MD) aims to transform the pediatric medical device ecosystem by accelerating developmental processes to stimulating investment and innovation in pediatric devices.
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